In last 1.5 years we have been receiving lots of feedbacks from our Clients all over the who use whitelabeled version of Greenlight Dashboard to manage their users & meeting rooms . We have summerized below common problems & also the detailed problem statements are available.

From Admins or Platform OwnersFrom End-Users or Moderators
Over-subscribed ResourcesCan’t display additional Info on Room’s page
Only single user-type or PlanRoom’s Links are Random , not customized
No controls over Room’s usageCan’t add the session’s Welcome Message
No suitable options for Free TrialNo sharable Public Profile Link
No inbuilt Billing or Invoicing systemAttendees can’t find all my rooms together
No In-built Revenue ChannelNo room based pre-authorization
No payment gateway IntegrationsCan’t focus on sessions for the approvals
Can’t take Mobile No from UsersI want my attendees to join from Dashboard
Can’t deactivate Users , only can BanI have no option to manage my Attendees
Can’t ask users to make Payment Can’t invite new attendees over Email
No private dashboard for Attendees Missing secured recording auto-sharing
Can’t allow Attendees to explore ModeratorsCan’t accept payment from attendees
Sessions are okay but Dashboard is not GoodCan’t Live Stream to YouTube or Facebook

Detailed problem statements we received from our clients

There is no option to control the usage or put a limit on No of Maximum Users can Join , Session Duration , no of rooms etc . So every user get same capacity & our estimated concurrent users is too high that we can’t but run such a huge Bigbluebutton Infrasturcture to handle all the users concurrently , so now our resources are 500% over subscribed but we will make loss if we scale up our resources further , normally we hardly see 25-50% usage but we are scared that our system may crash even with 10% of users , becasue no one has any limitations

Admin using BBB with Greenlight Dashboard

We have different types of Roles & Employees in our Organization so we can’t offer or allow same capacity or features to all of them , we need some Plan based Limitations

Admin using BBB with Greenlight Dashboard

We are facing our hard times to manage Free Trial users as 90% users are on Free Trial & we really don’t have any ability to control their usage except suspending their accounts but we can’t do that except waiting for our Bigbluebutton servers to crash for over usage & even paid users can’t use properly .

Admin using BBB with Greenlight Dashboard

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