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We offer fully managed BigBlueButton hosting plans and professional services for BigBlueButton installation, full rebranding, customisation, upgradation, maintenance for self-hosted infrastructure.
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Just Exploring BigBlueButton ?

It's one of the most popular open-souce tool for Businesses an Institutions.

You can literally have your own branded virtual classroom platform tighltly integrated with your webite or LMS or CMS, exclusively for your users and replace your Zoom, MS Teams , Google Meet licenses.

Fully managed BigBlueButton hosting plans with same level of flexibility of a Self-hosted Infrastructure, without any technical glitch or interruption.

Benifits with our managed Hosting?

Each of these will cost you extra if you try to self-host your BigBlueButton

Free Upgrade & Migrations

We perform Upgrades & Migrations as required without any Extra Charges or Data Loss.

External TURN / STUN

So users can still join the sessions from behind the Firewall or VPN networks without any audio issue.

Unlimited Bandwidth

We don't charge extra like AWS, Micosoft Azure, Google Cloud etc. for Data Transfer under fair usage

Expert Consultation

You may not use BigBlueButton to it's full potential without consulating an expert for your use case.

Advance Configurations

We can apply all possible configurations those are technically possible and suitable for your use case.

Technical Support

We offer exceptional customer support via Email, Chat and Calls, so you reach out when you need us.

We can also set up your self-hosted BigBlueButton, on any cloud or dedicated infrastructure. We do a professional installation, rebranding, and configure all-important settings.

Out of box BigBlueButton deplyment works for most common use cases, but we can apply costom or advance configurations, rebrand with your custom domain & brand identity.

With our maintenance services, you can enjoy the flexibility of managing your infrastructure while benefiting from our dedicated support and technical expertise.

Access flexible on-demand technical support, consultation, and issue resolution for your BigBlueButton infrastructure, customized to your requirements with no monthly obligations.

How can you utilize BigBlueButton ?

Through Greenlight Frontend or by integrating with your existing LMS or CMS platform or website.

Greenlight Dashboard

It helps users to securely create and access meeting rooms and join sessions with a simple web interface.

LMS or CMS Integration

BigBlueButton is already integrated with most other LMS or CMS like Moodle, Canvas, WordPress Plugins etc.

Custom Integration

If you have custom LMS or CMS, your developer can integrate BigBlueButton utilizing it's REST API.

BigBlueButton Demo

You may Sign up for free and use BigBlueButton Demo as a Moderator using Greenlight Dashboard.

Are you interested exploring further as an Admin or Owner?

You need your own BigBlueButton Infrastructure to obtain the API Endpoint that allows you to integrate BigBlueButton with your LMS or CMS or even if you want to access the Admin Dashboard of Greenlight and explore the possibilites, available configurations etc.

We made it possible at the fraction of cost !

TEST API Shared Access
@ 1 USD / Week

Test BigBlueButton integration with your LMS or CMS

Note: This is only suitable for Testing and Development Purpose.

Try BigBlueButton
@ 3.5 USD / Day

Explore BigBlueButton as an Admin

Few of Our Clients

We would like to help you as well, feel free to reach out.

Self-hosted BigBlueButton is not always the Best decision.

Be very clear to yourself, why you need to self-host BigBlueButton, what additional benifits it brings to you.

You shouldn't end up with an expensive, abandoned infrastructure with older version installed without any maintenance or updates for months or years.

Self-hosted BigBlueButton

You take charge of the BigBlueButton infrastructure yourself, no one else is accountable for anything.


With Additional Cost

Not Available


Our Managed Hosting

We host & maintain the infrastructure for you and you are allowed to seek help from us for anything related to BigBlueButton.

Includes with all Plan

With Premium Plans

Though we recommend managed hosting plans, but it still make sense to consider self-hosted BigBlueButton for the following reasons.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Common Queries About Our Managed Hosting Solutions for BigBlueButton Infrastructure

BigBlueButton is an open-source virtual classroom platform that facilitates online learning, webinars, and virtual meetings with interactive features like video conferencing, screen sharing, and whiteboarding.

Greenlight Dashboard allows you to use BigBlueButton as a standalone service. It is an simple frontend web interface to manage users and meeting rooms. Know more about Greenlight Dashboard here.

All users those will connect at the same time accross all the sessions, will be counted as total concurrent user. More details here.

Generally recordings are stored into the BigBlueButton infrastructure itself. We need to store all the recordings there as long as you want those to be accessed from your LMS or CMS or your BigBlueButton integrated platform.

We offer alternative recording storage extension at cheaper rate for longer backup & retention without accessibility from the LMS or CMS. But clients may choose to provide their own AWS S3 or similar storage.

Contact Us to know more.

BigBlueButton Host specializes in providing managed hosting solutions tailored specifically for BigBlueButton infrastructure. We offer reliable hosting services with features like API endpoint enablement, white-label branding, and customizable domains.

Economy Plans are designed for budget-conscious clients who require reliable hosting for their BigBlueButton infrastructure at an affordable cost. With features like API endpoint enablement, Greenlight Dashboard, and standard chat and email support, these plans offer essential capabilities at a minimum cost.

Premium Plans offer a superior hosting experience with enhanced performance, reliability, and priority support. In addition to the features included in the Economy Plans, Premium Plans offer performance optimization, a 99.9% uptime SLA, priority single point of contact (SPOC) support, continuous monitoring, and an analytics dashboard for admins.

Yes, we offer flexibility to customize your hosting plan based on your specific requirements. Whether you need additional concurrent users, storage, or support, we can tailor a solution that meets your needs effectively.

We offer standard chat and email support for all our plans. Additionally, Premium Plans include priority single point of contact (SPOC) support for expedited assistance with any technical issues or inquiries.

Frequently Asked Questions
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