BigBlueButton Hosting Plans

Full white-label, cost-effective, highly configurable as self-hosted but hassle-free & fully managed bigbluebutton hosting for businesses & enterprises.

We mainly have two category of Plans

Depends on if you just want to Get things DONE or Want the BEST


Premium hosting experience that prioritizes the best performance and reliability. Ideal for clients who love the superior performance and priority support.


You get the required capacity at minimum cost. Perfect for budget-conscious clients who still require reliable hosting for their BigBlueButton infrastructure.

Always included in all our Plans

We offer fully managed BigBlueButton hosting plans
with the same level of flexibility of an self-hosted infrastructure
with our full maintenance and technical support.

Dedicated Infrastructure

Advance Configurations

Exceptional Support

Included TURN / STUN

ZERO Bandwidth Cost

Free Upgrade & Migrations

Premium Plans

Small to Large scale BigBlueButton infrastructure with Superior Performance
Ultra-low Latency, Premium SPOC Support, Continous Monitoring, 99.9 % Uptime SLA, etc.
Can be scaled up to more than 25000 concurrent users.


$ 85 / Month
$ 240 / 3 Months
$ 950 / 12 Months


$ 110 / Month
$ 300 / 3 Months
$ 1100 / 12 Months


$ 220 / Month
$ 600 / 3 Months
$ 2200 / 12 Months


$ 380 / Month
$ 1050 / 3 Months
$ 3.8 K / 12 Months


$ 480 / Month


$ 950 / Month


$ 1600 / Month


$ 2400 / Month


$ 3800 / Month

Economy Plans

Cost optimized, BigBlueButton hosting plans, to fulfill the requirement of small businesses, or startups at minimum cost without compromising on the reliability & capacity.


$ 65 / Month
$ 180 / 3 Months
$ 600 / 12 Months


$ 85 / Month
$ 240 / 3 Months
$ 850 / 12 Months


$ 130 / Month
$ 360 / 3 Months
$ 1.3 K / 12 Months


$ 280 / Month
$ 800 / 3 Months
$ 3200 / 12 Months


$ 360 / Month
$ 1000 / 3 Months
$ 3600 / 12 Months


$ 720 / Month
$ 2000 / 3 Months
$ 7200 / 12 Months


$ 1200 / Month


$ 1800 / Month


$ 3500 / Month

Single Standalone Server vs Cluster Deployment

Overview of BigBlueButton Standalone Deployment and Scalable Cluster Deployment

BigBlueButton Single Server

Standalone BigBlueButton Server

BigBlueButton & Greenlight dashboard runs on a single Instance, suitable for startups & small businesses with up to 250 concurrent users capacity.

BigBlueButton Cluster Hosting

BigBlueButton Cluster

Large scale BigBlueButton infrastructure with Scalelite load balancer and multiple BBB servers to handle up to few thousands concurrent users.

Couldn't Find a Suitable Plan Yet?

If you couldn't find appropriate plan for your use case, feel free to contact us.

Submit Your Requirement / Tender

If you are clear about your BigBlueButton infrastructure requirements and can explain us in technical terms, please submit your requirement or tender.

Schedule a Call

If you are exploring BigBlueButton to find out if this can really help or solve your problems, it's better you consult with our expert & save your time.

Why You Should choose us?

We help our clients to identify the problem and find solutions.

Free Upgrade & Migrations

We perform Upgrades & Migrations as required without any Extra Charges or Data Loss.

External TURN / STUN

So users can still join the sessions from behind the Firewall or VPN networks without any audio issue.

Unlimited Bandwidth

We don't charge extra like AWS, Micosoft Azure, Google Cloud etc. for Data Transfer under fair usage

Expert Consultation

You may not use BigBlueButton to it's full potential without consulating an expert for your use case.

Advance Configurations

We can apply all possible configurations those are technically possible and suitable for your use case.

Technical Support

We offer exceptional customer support via Email, Chat and Calls, so you reach out when you need us.

Few of Our Clients

We would like to help you as well, feel free to reach out.

Frequently Asked Questions

All users those will connect at the same time accross all the sessions, will be counted as total concurrent user. More details here.

Greenlight Dashboard allows you to use BigBlueButton as a standalone service. It is an simple frontend web interface to manage users and meeting rooms. Know more about Greenlight Dashboard here.

Recordings are stored into the BigBlueButton infrastructure itself. We need to store all the recordings you want to be accessed from your LMS or CMS or your BigBlueButton integrated platform.

But for external Backups & longer retention it’s possible to use almost any other cloud storage solution.

We use Stripe Payment gateway for managing the Subscription & Payments mostly. 90% of our customers like to subscribe with their Cards via Stripe securely & well integrated with our business.

But we also offer other payment options as an backup like PayPal, Bank Transfer etc for One-time Payments.

For Indian only clients we offer to pay via NEFT or UPI

Yes, you have the flexibility to upgrade your plan in same category. Otherwise if you want to upgrade from Economy Plan to a Premium Plan, we do it throught migration and it’s a manual operation, takes time.

YES, you should first try BigBlueButton as a Moderator & Student from  , if you like to Test the Integration with your LMS or CMS with you can explore our TEST API & Dedicated Trial option.

Are you interested exploring further Before Getting A Plan?

You need your own BigBlueButton Infrastructure to obtain the API Endpoint that allows you to integrate BigBlueButton with your LMS or CMS or even if you want to access the Admin Dashboard of Greenlight and explore the possibilites for Admin, available configurations etc.

We made it possible at the fraction of cost !

Demo for FREE

You may Sign up for free and use BigBlueButton Demo as a Moderator using Greenlight Dashboard.

Note: You can use only as Moderator or Student you can't explore as an Admin.

TEST API Shared Access
@ 1 USD / Week

Test BigBlueButton integration with your LMS or CMS

Note: This is only suitable for Testing and Development Purpose.

Try BigBlueButton
@ 3.5 USD / Day

Explore BigBlueButton as an Admin

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