TEST API Shared Access:

For developers and admins looking to test BigBlueButton, we offer a TEST API Shared Access, with a nominal charge of $1 per week. This allows you to continue exploring the BigBlueButton platform with minimal commitment.

This is enough to TEST a BigBlueButton Plugin for your WordPress Website, Integration with Moodle, or any other LMS you are looking forward to integrating BigBlueButton with.

It’s not for production usage, the same BigBlueButton server’s API Credentials will be shared with multiple developers like you, so we can’t guarantee any performance or usage capacity.

This is a subscription, you will be charged 1$ every week, as long as you don’t cancel the Subscription.

Once you make up your mind to use BigBlueButton for production usage, you can explore our plans and subscribe for as low as 50 USD / Month.

Dedicated Trial Plan:

For those needing short-term access, we offer a Dedicated Trial plan at $3.5 per day, allowing access for up to seven days. It is ideal for more focused performance and quality testing or short-term usage needs.

This ensures quality and performance, We allocate the Infrastructure for you only. This provides you the confidence before getting into our monthly plans or when you just want to try us for a few days without any monthly commitment.

What’s Included ?
We ensure the capacity of Up to 50 Total concurrent users
Up to 100 GB of Recording Space
Read more about our Trial Period Policy

This doesn’t renew automatically, it’s a one-time payment. Either you can upgrade to our monthly plans or you can extend this Trial by paying again for a few more days before it expires.

Contact US

Feel free to contact us for any help regarding the integration. make sure that you have already obtained the BigBlueButton API credentials for either Test or Production.