Integrate BigBlueButton with LMS and CMS

As a live learning tool, this virtual classroom is natively integrated within several LMS platforms, and available as a plugin for other LMS or CMS.

Popular Open-source LMS Integrations

The Moodle activity module, created and maintained by Blindside Networks, allows users to easily create, manage and join BigBlueButton meetings from within Moodle.


Canvas LMS has Native Integration with BigBlueButton, so it's really easy to integrate with self-hosted Canvas or managed by Instructure team.

By default Open edX comes with a Free Tier BigBlueButton integration with some limitations, with your own BigBlueButton Hosting Plan you can remove those limitations.

Popular CMS and Other Integrations

Few plugins allow teachers to manage their virtual classrooms from the WordPress dashboard & let students join the live interactive class over video conferencing from within the course/lesson/topic page.

Nextcloud logo

Nextcloud offers the industry-leading, on-premises content collaboration platform. You can use BigBlueButton from there using the specific Plugin.

When it comes to conference calling Rocket Chat supports multiple feature-rich options. Rocket Chat's conference call allows users to use multiple video conferencing platforms, BigBlueButton is One of them.

Where else can you integrate BigBlueButton?

Through Greenlght Dashboard or integrate BigBlueButton with your existing LMS or CMS platform.

Greenlight Dashboard is a different project but it can be installed with BigBlueButton Infrastructure at no extra cost.

Greenlight Dashboard

It is a very simple user management Dashbaord for BigBlueButton Admins and it helps users to securely create and access meeting rooms and join sessions with a simple web interface.

LMS or CMS Integration

BigBlueButton offers External API, to interact with other LMS or CMS like Moodle, Canvas, WordPress Plugins etc. Most of the existing LMS or CMS already supports BigBlueButton integration.

Custom Integration

BigBlueButton offers everything through REST API, so if you have your own custom LMS or CMS, your developer can easily integrate BigBlueButton with a few weeks of effort and our guidence.

We will professionally Install & Rebrand your Bigbluebutton Server on your Cloud Server with best practices & based on required configurations with Greenlight Installation & Rebranding as well . Just choose your Installation Package as per your requirement.

Where To Obtain BigBlueButton API Credentials?

You need your own BigBlueButton Infrastructure to obtain the API Endpoint that allows you to integrate BigBlueButton with your LMS or CMS or even if you want to access the Admin Dashboard of Greenlight and explore the possibilites for Admin, available configurations etc.

We have listed the best possible options (FREE or at a fraction of cost !)

FREE Tier API from Blindside Networks

You may Sign up for free and get BigBlueButton Trial API with restricted & limited access.

Note: Advanced features or API funtionalities are disabled in FREE Tier Credentials.

TEST API Shared Access
@ 1 USD / Week

Unrestricted shared API credentials for Development & Testing with all functionalities.

Note: Provided for Testing & Development purpose as shared among others.

Try BigBlueButton
@ 3.5 USD / Day

Try BigBlueButton in production with confidence, dedicated & reserved resoureces are used.

Note: You just pay for the reserved resources to ensure the guaranteed performance.

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