BigBlueButton RTMP Live Streaming

Extend your BigBlueButton sessions beyond limits! Connect with a global audience while preserving interactive learning experiences. Reach new heights with BigBlueButton RTMP Live Streaming.

Stream your BigBlueButton sessions to Other Platforms with RTMP streaming

Stream live to Facebook, YouTube, and more with our seamless RTMP Live Streaming integration.

What exactly are we offering?

An easy web interface with scalable infrastructure to allow your team to manage RTMP Live Streaming of multiple BigBlueButton sessions together without any Upfront Cost or Fixed Cost.

It will cost you for per minute of usage. FIRST 10 Minutes is FREE to TRY without any Payment.

Live Stream BigBlueButton Sessions from our Web Interface

Our web-based Dashboard, allows any BigBlueButton Administrator or Admin to Live Stream any of their Bigbluebutton sessions to Social Media platforms or RTMP Endpoints.

Utilize our REST API to manage from your Own Interface

Our REST APIs allows to Integrate Live Streaming feature with your BigBlueButton based application. Moderators can Live Stream to their respective social media platforms.

What is Required to Live Stream using our Platform?

BigBlueButton API Credentials, RTMP API Credentials(Streaming Destination)

To use our solution you should be an Admin of your BigBlueButton infrastructure or you should have the BigBlueButton API Credentials if you are using Managed BigBlueButton Hosting Service from any provider.

BigBlueButton RTMP Live Streaming as a Service

Our REST API endpoints allow developers to easily implement the RTMP Live Streaming option for BigBlueButton sessions into any custom developed frontend interface or application. This allows your End-users to Start & Stop RTMP Live Streaming from your own platform or application, when it is powered by our cloud based infrastructure with Pay Per Usage pricing.

Check out our full-featured REST API documentation.

Pricing for using BBBRoom.Live

As low as $0.01 / Minute / Session / Stream
Starts at $0.03 / Minute / Session / Stream

Sign Up get First Free 60 Minutes to try it out

ZERO Setup Cost

Zero cost to get started or neither any fixed monthly cost to retain the solution

Volume-based Discount

The more you use, the cheaper cost you pay for the live streaming usage.

Credit-based Billing System

Buy prepaid streaming credit & use it as long as you have it in your account.

You should only use this platform if you have to live stream a BigBlueButton session.

This isn't a live streaming platform, it only allows to live stream the BigBlueButton sessions to external platforms via RTMP protocol.

Frequently Asked Questions

Live Streaming of Bigbluebutton Meeting Room will Include Public Chat , Shared Note , Voice , Presentation , Webcams , Screenshare , Video Sharing , Polling Results display etc.

No, this is a cloud based external platform, nothing will be installed on your BigBlueButton Server. 

With a single streaming channel you can stream to Single Platform, but you can create multiple channel if you need, but it will cost you multiple times. 

If you stream more than 720 Hours per month , it can be as low as 0.01 USD / Minute / Stream. 

For smaller on-demand needs it can’t be cheaper.

It is not practically possible to stream for unlimited times with a cloud based scalable solution with on-demand usage based pricing.

But if you only want to stream single session, it might be possible with a fixed monthly cost irrespective of the usage. Contact us to know more.