You are currently viewing Free but abandoned WordPress Plugins for BigBlueButton

Two Free BigBlueButton Plugins are available for WordPress, but they are not maintained anymore and have not been tested with current WordPress versions. You may choose to use them at your own risk, we are not confident enough to recommend these.

1. BigBlueButton

This plugin integrates BigBlueButton into WordPress allowing bloggers to create and manage meeting rooms to interact with their readers. It was developed and is maintained by Blindside Networks. Unfortunately, this plugin was last updated 3 years ago & current WordPress users may experience some issues. This offers basic functionalities to somehow use BigBlueButton from WordPress.

2. BBB Administration Panel

This is also another WordPress Plugin listed for Free on WordPress, created & maintained by Alberto Sanchez Gonzalez , with 900+ Active installations. This is last updated 1 year ago.

Looking for a reliable Plugin with maintenance, updates & support?

Elearningevolve provides both a Free & Pro Plugin for WordPress users with updates & support required to maintain the Plugin usable with the latest WordPress version. We recommend their plugins as they actively maintain these with bug fixes, improvements, etc.

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