Bigbluebutton is Open-source, but that doesn’t mean it won’t have any usage cost, though there is no Software or License cost, you need to bear all the resources costs like servers, bandwidth, installation, and maintenance to use Bigbluebutton.

Bigbluebutton is absolutely Free to Use Software under an Opensource license

If you also have access to a few other resources for free which are necessary to use BigBlueButton then you may consider it absolutely Free. Like

CPU Intensive Linux Servers or Datacentre (Minimum 8 vCPU & 16 GB RAM)

Public IPs & Unlimited Bandwidth (IPv4 , IPv6 & Unlimited Data Transfer Bandwidth)

Maintenance or Support Team (First Setup, Regular Updates & Maintenance, Support, etc.)

If you have the above resources available already or for Free we recommend you to Self-host BigBlueButton & we can help you with the First time Setup or Installation, Support, etc.

Self-hosted Bigbluebutton Infrastructure should be the only choice when

Having your own Data Center, Engineers & Technical stuff already.

Having Free Azure or AWS Credits, which can be utilized to run Bigbluebutton

The Government funds projects, & restrictions are applied on cloud-hosting platforms

Your own policy or the client’s policy doesn’t allow you to outsource 3rd party services

You want to experiment with a Self-hosted Bigbluebutton setup, without any actual usage

Your Infrastructure will be too large, that you can hire a full-time DevOps team.

Our Managed Hosting vs Self-Hosted Bigbluebutton

We provision resources & setup your isolated Bigbluebutton Infrastructure the same as a Self-hosted Setup, the only difference is we will manage it in our infrastructure & we are accountable if anything is wrong, you can reach out to us directly ASAP through Email, Whatsapp or Phone.

Managed Hosting Monthly & Annual Plans

are available with

 Fixed Cost,

Unlimited Usage,

 ZERO Bandwidth Cost,

 Free Maintenance & Support

Bigbluebutton Host On-Demand Hosting

On-Demand BigBlueButton Instances For Infrequent Needs.

Free Test APIs,

Fixed Hourly Pricing,

Instant Integration

Integrate BigBlueButton API into Your Applications within Minutes

BigBlueButton Host Cloud On-demand API service lets you seamlessly integrate the Open-source online video conferencing or virtual classroom system into your web applications. It provides an easy way to add real-time collaboration and online teaching features to your WordPress website, LMS, or any other web-based solutions.

If still things are not clear to you, we may help you with your use case analysis, cost assessment & much more. Schedule a Call with us or write us your requirement [email protected]

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