API only BigBlueButton Self-hosted Installation, Rebranding


BigBlueButton Latest version installation.
You get all the features of the BigBlueButton project.
There is no time limit on sessions or recording durations.
You get API keys to integrate with other platforms.
Optional configurations like Auto-start Recordings, and Downloadable Recordings.


BigBlueButton standalone Installation with standard production-ready configurations, and security settings.

BigBlueButton Latest version
On your self-hosted VPS or Bare Metal server
With your custom Domain or Subdomain
Rebranding or replacement of
  • Logo, Site Icon, Default Presentation or PDF
  • Update BigBlueButton Welcome Message on Public Chat
  • Update Help Link, Copyright Info, etc
Custom Configurations & Optimizations
  • Enable iOS Playback for Recordings
  • Enable Downloadable Recording single Video Format
  • Enable Automatic Recording Start
  • Enable Forced Recording for all sessions
Requirements :
  1. Virtual or Dedicated server SSH Credentials with Root access or sudo user, along with SSH Port if changed from default.
  2. Submit other configuration choices.

Disclaimer :

This setup doesn’t include any built-in Frontend like Greenlight Dashboard, It can be only used with API credentials through external LMS or CMS Integration like Moodle, WordPress Plugin, etc.

If you have a Moodle, WordPress, or any other LMS or CMS-powered website, that supports BigBlueButton integration,  this BigBlueButton installation is enough for successful integration.


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