Live Learning & Training Management , Marketplace Solution(LLTMS) Pro version is ideal to Launch a Marketplace kind of On-demand Tutoring / Training / Consulting / Meeting platform that can be used by Freelance Tutors, Professionals like Medical Consultants, Accountants, Legal Advisors, etc. Basically, End-users will be those Professionals who can charge their Attendees for their time spent on Online Live Interactive sessions.

Platform Modules or Core Interfaces

This Platform includes mainly three Parts or Interfaces

  1. Public Explore Section: Attendees can search Moderator profiles, Public Rooms & Register themself ( similar to the landing page of Udemy or any Online Course selling platform but the only difference is this platform doesn’t offer to sell Content, only Live Interactive Sessions ).
  2. Dashboard application: Single Dashboard for Admin, Moderators, Attendees but User Interface will be different based on their current Role & Plan. ( Role Admin will get access to Admin Interface additionally & Users will have Multiple User Interfaces as per their currently Subscribed Plan configured by Admin )
  3. Bigbluebutton Session: BigBlueButton Session Interface is almost the same as the Opensource version of Bigbluebutton, there is no Major Customization except for a few UI-based modifications like Colour, Font, etc. (Bigbluebutton Server can be Self-hosted or Managed by Bigbluebutton Host)

Core Dashboard Features or Functionality

  • Allows Admin to create multiple & dynamic Subscription Plans for Moderators or Tutors
  • Default User Sign Up, Login, Logout with Email, Password, Google SSO, REST APIs
  • Allows users or attendees to Upgrade to Moderator Plans
  • Platform Features & Functionality Modifications by Admin
  • Configurable Public Explore / Landing section to Search Public Profiles / Rooms on Landing Page
  • Fully Custom & Personalised Profile Links & Room Links
  • Free / One-time / Recurring Sessions or Room Subscriptions supported
  • Highly Configurable Rooms as per Plan Limits or Active Subscription Plan
  • Moderator Profile Page, Public Rooms Listing, Single click Room registration for Attendees
  • Single Click on Dashboard Room Joining without any Link & Password for Registered Attendees
  • Stripe Integrated Inbuilt wallet system for seamless error free Transactions within Platform
  • Users Profile, Subscription Plan, Meeting Rooms, Recordings Update or Management by Admin
  • Active Users, Wallet Transactions, Wallet Recharge Monitoring by Admin
  • All Meeting Rooms, Recordings, Live Streaming Usage Monitoring by Admin
  • On-platform Withdrawal or Payout management for Moderators or Tutors
  • Allow / Disallow Guest attendees, Public contents visibility controls & much more.

Role or Plan based Users Interface & features , funtionalities

Default Free User’s Plan or Attendee Interface

  • Explore the Landing Page, Moderator Profiles, and Public Rooms offered by Moderator without any account registration .
  • Sign-up with an Email & Password or Signup with Google Account
  • Choose a custom, unique & personalized User ID
  • Register for Free Public Rooms of Moderators
  • Join the Session for Registered Room from the “Shared Rooms” Section of the Dashboard
  • Recharge Wallet with Credit & Debit Cards (Offered by Stripe Payment Gateway)
  • Register with a Single Click for Paid Rooms of Moderators utilizing the Wallet Balance
  • Get automatic access to the Registered Shared Room’s Past Recordings
  • Option to Upgrade to Moderator Plan using Wallet Balance in order to create own Rooms.

Moderator Plan’s Interface or Additional Capabilities

  • Users with an Active Subscription of any Moderator Plan also can Join others’ Rooms as Attendees as usual.
  • Create, Customize, Configure, Update own Rooms with Custom Name, Description, Link, Attendee Limit, Session Duration Limit, Paid or Free, One-time or Monthly Subscription, Price, Bigbluebutton Session Configurations (like Auto Start Recording, Mute on Start, Show Webcams to Moderator only etc),
  • Always can Create Free Rooms
  • Create One-time Paid Rooms or Monthly Subscription based Paid Rooms if allowed on the Plan
  • Start / Join Bigbluebutton Session for the Rooms as Moderator from Dashboard
  • Attendees registration Management for Rooms ( Approve / Reject / Ban )
  • Manage Registered Attendees , Add to Whitelist & Blacklist
  • Withdraw or Request Payout for Wallet Balance earned from Attendees
  • Purchase Live Streaming Credit Add-on using Wallet Balance to Live Stream the Bigbluebutton Session to YouTube, Facebook etc .
  • Manage All Recordings
  • Set Default Settings or Room Configurations
  • Customise or Update Public Profile
  • Upgrade or Change the Moderator Plan

Admin Interface to Manage the Platform or Solution

  • Admin Dashboard for platform monitoring with Charts , Graphs & Data
  • Add , Update , Delete Users
  • Manage user’s Plan / Subscriptions , Manually add/update wallet credits
  • Organization or Global Platform Settings
  • Create & Manage subscription Plans or Modify Scope & Limitations
  • Rooms usage Monitoring
  • Live Streamings Usage Monitoring
  • Recordings Management
  • Stripe Payment Gateway integrated Wallet Credit sales
  • Monitoring on platform wallet transactions
  • Wallet Balance Payout request managements

Individual Room Features / Settings

  • One Click Room Creation
  • Public / Unlisted / Private Rooms
  • Fully Customisable Room Links
  • Add Room Information to allow attendees be aware of the agenda
  • On Dashboard Secured Room Joining without any link / passcode sharing
  • Optional Guest Attendees Join with Room Links & Optional Passcode
  • Bigbluebutton Session specific advance controls or Room Settings
  • Set Maximum Participant Limit for Rooms
  • Set Maximum Meeting Duration for Rooms
  • Set Room Registration Fees (Free / One-time / Subscription etc)
  • Room specific Attendee Registration management (Approve / Deny) by Room owner

Custom Bigbluebutton Features available with our Managed Hosting only

  • MP4 Recording Download (Available with Premium 150 / 250 Plan , Large Plans )
  • Automatic Attendance Reports & Sessions History for Room Owner (Host)

Note : Usually these above features are not available with Self-hosted Bigbluebutton Setup, unless additional custom scripts are added or modified , we provide these in our Premium Managed Hosting plans . So clients who wants to use our premium dashboard with their existing self-hosted Bigbluebutton server , these features might not be available .

Add-on Value-added Service (with extra Pay Per Usage cost)

  • Allow users to Live stream their Bigbluebutton meeting room from the dashboard with an additional On-demand cost payable from user’s wallet .
  • Allows Admin to sell Live Streaming Credits to users .
  • Users can Start & Stop RTMP Live Streaming for their Rooms utilizing the Streaming Credit .

Note: Live Streaming feature will be available without any extra cost , it’s an inbuilt feature , but to use this additional cost is there , it’s not part of the Bigbluebutton Server’s job . So organization needs to purchase Live Streaming Credit & then sell to the Users , we have already implemented this flow , so no manual effort required . End users can buy Live Streaming credits from Admin on their dashboard utilizing their own wallet Credit balance , just Admin needs to have sufficient Live Streaming Credit for the whole organization .

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