Live Marketplace Solution with BigBlueButton

Marketplace solution for BigBlueButton to replace the Free Greenlight dashboard with lots of additional platform features, great user interfaces, automation, flexibility for customizations, payment gateway integrations & most importantly fully white-labeled by default.

Create a Marketplace to match your Imagination

A 95% Prebuilt & tailored solution Developed & exclusively Designed for launching an Marketplace

Affordable One-time Cost

Affordable one-time cost to get things Live with Demo Content

Low Maintenance Cost

Low-code Developers or any curious person can manage the platform

Additional Customisation

You can hire us for additional customisation or enhancement

What will be included in the offering?

A CMS powered Marketplace, BigBlueButton integrated, Prebuilt Demo Setup

Now we are more focused on making it as easy as possible to begin with,
it may not be the Best solution for more than 1000 users, but it will be the best you can afford to begin with ZERO users.

Live Stream BigBlueButton Sessions from our Web Interface

Our web-based Dashboard, allows any BigBlueButton Administrator or Admin to Live Stream any of their Bigbluebutton sessions to Social Media platforms or RTMP Endpoints.

Utilize our REST API to manage from your Own Interface

Our REST APIs allows to Integrate Live Streaming feature with your BigBlueButton based application. Moderators can Live Stream to their respective social media platforms.

We have remove the page discourage attractions from search engines & web scrappers.

Actually it was a over killing solution to begin with. It was planned for a higher scale & endless possibilities.

Are you interested?

While we are doing our best, you can express your interest & explain us in breif what you would like to build.

Frequently Asked Questions

Live Streaming of Bigbluebutton Meeting Room will Include Public Chat , Shared Note , Voice , Presentation , Webcams , Screenshare , Video Sharing , Polling Results display etc.

No, this is a cloud based external platform, nothing will be installed on your BigBlueButton Server. 

With a single streaming channel you can stream to Single Platform, but you can create multiple channel if you need, but it will cost you multiple times. 

If you stream more than 720 Hours per month , it can be as low as 0.01 USD / Minute / Stream. 

For smaller on-demand needs it can’t be cheaper.

It is not practically possible to stream for unlimited times with a cloud based scalable solution with on-demand usage based pricing.

But if you only want to stream single session, it might be possible with a fixed monthly cost irrespective of the usage. Contact us to know more.