Bigbluebutton Standalone Server Hosting

Get Managed & Dedicated Bigbluebutton Hosting with Value-Added Features, Chat or Call Support, API Endpoints, Custom Configurations as you need along with Greenlight Dashboard.

Economy Plans

Cost optimized white-labeled complete Bigbluebutton Setup to establish your own brand.

Recommended for Professionals or Solopreneurs like Tutors, Trainers, Consultants, or 2-5 people’s small teams or startups who have very less budget for the solution, but they must need to showcase their Branding with full white-label branding.

Premium Plans

Deliver a very High-performance & Premium user-experience to the end users with 99.9% Uptime & Low Letency.

Recomended for Established Businesses , Enterprises & Institutions who can afford the performance optimized Infrastructure with a Premium Pricing.

Bigbluebutton Cluster Hosting

To accommodate more than 250 concurrent users

Recommended for Educational Institutions, Universities, Large Business or Enterprises with large numbers of Concurrent Users or Simultaneous Sessions, Classes, Meetings and allows to Scale Up or Increase Concurrent Users Limit at any time without interruption.

Large Economy Plans

Cost optimized, scalable Bigbluebutton cluster infrastructure, to fulfill the requirement of small businesses, or startups with lack of funds but having large no of concurrent users .

Large Premium Plans

This Bigbluebutton cluster will include the same Quality of Service or user experience as our Premium Plans , simply the best we can offer but at a large scale including but not limited to the premium user experience, ultra-low latency, premium SPOC support, 24*7 monitoring, 99.9 % Uptime SLA, etc.