ECONOMY 120 | BigBlueButton Hosting Plan

$130 Excluding Taxes

Standalone Deployment
Total 120 Concurrent Users
Max 80 Users / Room
1 TB Recording Storage


Fully managed BigBlueButton Hosting for 120 concurrent users with standard performance, reliability, and technical support.

Plan specific details:

Infrastructure Type: Standalone All-in-one
Total Concurrent Users: 120
Maximum users per session: 80
On-server Recording Storage: 1 TB
Support Channels: Email, Chat
Average Uptime: In general 99% (without SLA)
Average Response Time: 4-10 Hours
Maximum Response Time: 24 Hours
Maximum Resolution Time: 48 Hours

Always included with all Plans:

Free Upgrade & Migrations: We perform Upgrades & Migrations as required without any Extra Charges or Data Loss.
External TURN / STUN: Users can still join the sessions from behind the Firewall or VPN networks without any audio issues.
Unlimited Bandwidth: We don’t charge extra like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, etc. for Data Transfer under fair usage.
Expert Consultation: You may not use BigBlueButton to its full potential without consulting an expert for your use case.
Advance Configurations: We can apply all possible configurations that are technically possible and suitable for your use case.
Technical Support: We offer exceptional customer support via Email and chat, so you reach out when you need us.
White-label Rebranding: BigBlueButton and Greenlight Dashboard(optional) can be fully rebranded with the client’s brand identity.
API for External Integration: LMS and CMS that supports BigBlueButton integrations like Moodle, Canvas, WordPress, etc.

Enjoy BigBlueButton hosting with the same level of flexibility as a Self-hosted Infrastructure, without any technical glitches or interruptions


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