We at Bigbluebutton.host focus on providing services to B2B & Enterprise clients who need unlimited or higher usage at most affordable cost with isolated & dedicated infrastructure for each client , where we can apply custom configurations or settings as per client’s need to deliver the best experience & tailored solution . But this requires us to provision & reserve costly infrastructure like Servers , bandwidth , maintainenece & support resources and all these have a fixed cost irrespective of your usage . But , we appreciate our R&D team for their hard work & efforts to make Bigbluebutton affordable & accessible to B2C customers with our On-demand Bigbluebutton API offerings , where no idle infrastructure is reserved for the client and charged for only hours of usage .

1. Our new Bigbluebutton On-demand API Service :

Problems we are trying to address are as below ,

You need to hold hardly 2 or3 large online sessions with 100 people every month , but you don’t have any reason to have your own Bigbluebutton Hosting or Plan with your Branding or Domain , Just you need to hold Bigbluebutton sessions anytime without any limitations or limited features & you are ready to pay for the usage .

You have a WordPress website where you want to integrate Bigbluebutton with WordPress Free or Paid plugins but your usage is very low or uncertain , so you just want to spend money , only when you hold a session .

White-label branding or your own permanent setup with fixed monthly cost is not as important as saving cost when for no usage .

How is this new service different from our existing Monthly Plans ?

It doesn’t cost you much if you are not using at all. You can keep it for uncertain usage & pay the minimum cost , you don’t need to subscribe for a full monthly Plan even without regular usage .

Cost Comparision for our BigBlueButton API Service vs our Monthly Hosting Plans :
For example,

Single session of 100 peoples for 2 hours will cost $ 4 in Total @ $2 / Hour , so if you will have hardly 3 sessions / month , Total monthly bill should be less than $15 . But if you are a Business & requires regular usage of Bigbluebutton, such 30 sessions per month would cost more than $ 120 / Month , but our Monthly Plans starts from 120 concurrent users @ $100 / Month fixed cost , which includes unlimited usage & up to 600 GB Recording Space without any extra cost .

These above Hourly pricing mentioned is just for reference , We don’t have the Public offerings yet for the BigBlueButton API at Hourly Rate , currently we are offering privately & building the Dashboard & Billing system to provide this service to everyone . If it is something looks interesting for you , feel free to contact us , for further details about pricing or additional details , it will motivate us a lot . If urgent we have the ability to deliver it even on the same day you cantact us but with some manual operations by our team .

General ETA is 1st week of January 2023 for Beta access , 3rd week of January 2023 for Production .

Conclusion :
If you want to use Bigbluebutton for hardly 1-2 times in a month but you may need to accommodate lots of participants & it’s serious production use-case , our new offering is for you . You can use with any WordPress Plugin , Moodle or any External Solutions which requires BigBlueButton API to integrate . You will get permanent API credentials at a negligeable cost if you don’t use it at all . Hourly pricing for the Duration & concurrent Capacity .

When you need to hold more than 40 such sessions every month , our monthly plans will be cheaper than our Hourly API offerings & you won’t be charged for your usage anymore .

With a fixed monthly cost , you can use for unlimited sessions & duration .

2. Bymond.me (Marketplace for Online Tutoring , Training , Consulting based on Bigbluebutton )

Create your own personalized public profile , list Public Rooms , allow attendees to pre-register for Rooms , collect fees , many automations & funtionalities to make your Online Daily life easy , You just need to focus on your session , rest everything platform will handle .

You shouldn’t spend your life’s Precious moments sharing Room links & Approving Attendees : )

It is much more than just holding a Bigbluebutton session , you will get amazing automations & functionalities for Free .
Bigbluebutton is just 25% of the whole solution , you will enjoy the marketplace features to make your life easy .
No limitation on recordings as you can download as MP4 on your devices.
You can have multiple rooms & sessions
For now it offers upto 50 users in a single Room
Marketplace Solution is in Beta , but you can hold Bigbluebutton sessions without any issues .

Explore all our Managed Hosting Plans with Fixed monthly cost including unlimited Usage & Enough Recording Space .

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