At Bigbluebutton Host, we understand that deciding to migrate or switch vendors can be a difficult one, especially for clients with well-established businesses and production usage. That’s why we offer a trial period for our services. Our trial period allows potential clients to experience first and determine if our service is the right fit for their needs.

Due to the nature of our services, which involve provisioning resources and setting up isolated infrastructure, we cannot offer free trials. However, we do offer a Trial period of up to 7 days with a minimum cost of 3.5 USD / Day. This allows us to ensure that the trial is used for its intended purpose and that our resources are used efficiently.

How does our Trial Period work?

We don’t rely on a centralized infrastructure to offer our services to clients, so clients can be sure that our Trial Period subscription provides them with a full and accurate picture of what it’s like to work with us. Performance & quality is guaranteed even with the trial period, we just don’t provide rebranding & custom domain during the trial period.

Upgradation to Subscription Plans

If clients decide to upgrade to any of our Monthly or Annual Plans subscriptions during the Trial Period, the remaining Trial Period subscription fee will be adjusted with their first month’s subscription fee for the Premium Plan.

Cancellation and Refund

We charge a very minimal cost for the Trial Period and also allow the client to choose the exact Trial Period by themselves starting from a Minimum of 3 Days to a Maximum of 7 Days. We don’t offer any cancellation of the Trial Period itself. If the client decides not to subscribe to any of our Plans, the Trail Period Subscription fee will not be refunded.

Auto Charges & Upgradation

We never charge the client who has opted for Trial Period only. Once the Trail Period expires, the BigBlueButton API Credentials provided to the client automatically stop working. It is the client’s responsibility to request for the upgradation or subscribe to any of our Plans. To avoid any interruption to the Client’s usage we may just send emails & WhatsApp Messages about the Expiry of the Trial Period to inform the client.

Contact Us

We believe that our trial period is a fair and valuable opportunity for potential clients to experience our services before committing to a paid subscription. If you have any questions about our trial offering or our services in general, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Note: We also offer Free Test API Credentials for Testing the Integration & functionality only. The same Test API credentials are shared with many, whoever asks for it before subscribing to any plans hence performance & quality of service is not guaranteed with the Test API credentials. Also it should be used for testing purposes only, production usage is not recommended to avoid any issues and maintain privacy.