Resolve BigBlueButton Error on Self-Hosted Server

$60 including Taxes

We may help with these common issues
Webcams/Screen sharing isn’t working
Media Server Errors like 1002 etc.
TURN or STUN Configuration
Only Audio related issues
“1007: ICE negotiation failed”


If you have an existing Self-hosted Bigbluebuton Server installed by yourself or by some Freelancer, but you are facing some issues or Errors sometimes or frequently like below, we can help to identify, and fix those BigBlueButton Errors or suggest the best alternative.

BigBlueButton Errors or Situations

Webcams/Screen sharing isn’t working
Miss Configured BigBlueButton
TURN or STUN Configuration
FreeSWITCH Errors or Audio Issues
FreeSWITCH fails to bind to IPV4
“1007: ICE negotiation failed”

Additional Configurations Updates

Can’t Play Recordings on iOS Devices
Enable or Allow iFrame Embedding
Update Webcam Background Images

There are lots of things & Possibilities for causing issues on your BigBlueButton Server.

You can record an explanation video(English/Hindi/Urdu/Bengali/Oriya) of up to 15 minutes with your desktop screen share & and share it with us via YouTube, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc..
We recommend simply recording a Loom Video explaining your issue & directly sharing the link with us, it is really easy to use.
Feel free to Book a 15-minute call with our expert to look into your issue & explore the Scope of Work.

Once the Scope of Work is clear, we will send you an estimation & timeframe. Or we may reach out for further clarifications or questions.

Send us the Loom or Other video Link to [email protected]


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