Maintenance of Self-hosted BigBlueButton

Deploying an open-source project is just the beginning, ensuring smooth with regular updates and minimum interruption creates the difference.

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Self-hosted Bigbluebutton Server Maintenance & Support

Everyone loves self-hosted but you may need someone to take care of the infrastructure.

We do provide complete maintenance of Self-hosted Bigbluebutton Infrastructure on your own Data-center or Cloud Accounts like AWS, Azure, GCP, Alibaba Cloud, etc with a fixed cost which depends on your infrastructure size.

Single BigBlueButton Server Maintainence

Can only be used with External LMS, CMS or custom integration via REST API.

$40 USD One-time

BigBlueButton Cluster Setup Maintenance

Can be used as a Standalone service like Zoom or Google Meet using GL Dashboard.

$50 USD One-time

On-demand Expert Consultation

Fully white-label BigBlueButton wth Greenlight Dashbaord with clients own branding.

$ 120 USD One-time

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