Live Streaming a Bigbluebutton Session to Social Media Channels like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Twitch, etc or via Custom RTMP URL & Key.

How is it different from Bigbluebutton Live Session?

Bigbluebutton Live session is like attending a live class with the Teacher, asking questions & all possible Interactions offered by the Platform . But Live Streaming means watching the Live Bigbluebutton Session on YouTube or Facebook with a minimum difference of 5 seconds as per RTMP protocol which is used for Live Streaming.

Bigbluebutton Live Streaming is not an included feature or functionality of the Bigbluebutton Open-source Project. But since 2020 the demand for this feature or funtionality is always very high as the whole world faced COVID19 & Lock-down.

Live Streaming a BigBlueButton session via RTMP Protocol to other External platforms requires a high amount of the Server’s computing resources for each Stream, due to the very high Compute intensive task it will not be a part of the core Bigbluebutton project.

There are few Open-source Git repositories to Live Stream a Single session manually by configuring a Docker Container & running on the Server, but for production usage, it lacks in almost everything due to its non-scalable & complex setup, and operations.

BBBRoom.Live is an On-demand Service for RTMP Live Streaming of Bigbluebutton Sessions similar to Jibri (Live Streaming Service of Jitsi by 8*8).

Why should you use BBBRoom Live?

  • You don’t need any additional computer or self-hosted server to Live Stream your BBB Session.
  • Configure BBB Server URL & Secret, RTMP Credentials of Social Media platforms on BBBRoom Dashboard for just once & keep using with a single click Streaming START & STOP.
  • Buy Prepaid Live Streaming Hours and spend your Credit for Per Minute usage.
  • ZERO cost if you are not using it at all.

Who can use BBBRoom Live Dashboard?

  • Anyone having a Self-hosted BigBlueButton Server or if having the URL & Secret of the Managed BBB Server from any service provider. (Basically the Administrative staff or Moderator of the BBB Server)

Live Streaming Cost or Pricing

  • Starts from $0.030 / Minute or $1.8 / Hour for On-demand Credits purchase.
  • Volume Purchase discount is applied automatically & can be as low as $0.016 / Minute
  • The lowest effective Pricing for Businesses with high monthly usage is $0.010 / Minute only

Is there any way to use BBBRoom Live with a custom Project or Dashboard?

  • YES, it fetches all running meetings from the Bigbluebutton server directly using BBB API & Secret. From which Dashboard like Greenlight, Moodle, Canvas, etc., or via Custom API calls it doesn’t matter.
  • So if anyone has the BBB Server URL & Secret, they can Live Stream any Meeting running on that server to anywhere they want irrespective of where it has been started.

How can Businesses allow their End-users to Live Stream the Session?

  • Businesses who have their custom Front-end or Dashboard for Bigbluebutton can use BBBRoom Live’s REST API for Integrating this feature into their Project or product.
  • It will function similar to the BBBRoom Dashboard, just the Frontend needs to be implemented & HTTP POST request to be sent from the Client Side.

Ready-made alternative Custom Dashboard to Greenlight Dashboard but including Live Streaming feature for End-users.

  • Bigbluebutton Host offers a premium Dashboard for Businesses to build a Tutoring / Training / Meeting / Conferencing Marketplace or platform based on Live Sessions using Bigbluebutton. It has Standard & Pro versions both are comparatively feature-rich than Greenlight but both include Live Streaming as an Add-on service to the End users.
Moderator or Host Dashboard of Premium Dashboard
  • It doesn’t cost anything to the Platform, instead, the Platform will earn a commission if the End-users use this feature. The platform will buy Live Streaming Credit at a lower price from BBBRoom Live & End-users will buy from the Platform at comparatively a higher price.
  • The whole solution is fully white-labeled, so it is an ideal & affordable solution for businesses to replace Greenlight Dashboard.

BBBRoom Live Dashboard Interface Screenshots

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