BigBlueButton Cluster Hosting Plans

Large scale BigBlueButton cluster infrastructure with
scalelite Load Balancer and multiple BigBlueButton servers
to handle up to few thousands concurrent users.

☑️Up to 50K Users

✅Fully Managed

🧮Highly Scalable

Recommended for
Institutions, enterprises, and businesses with 200+ concurrent users and future growth plans.

Scaling up BigBlueButton Cluster is like adding extra train coaches to accommodate more passengers,
ensuring you're ready for the present and the future.

Large Premium Plans

Premium user experience, ultra-low latency, premium SPOC support, 24*7 monitoring, 99.9 % Uptime SLA.
We ensure that you always get the best we can offer.

Large Economy Plans

Standard quality of service and functionality without Premium support and Uptime SLA.
Suitable for businesses in developing countries with higher capacity needs and limited budget.