The Best-Kept Secret In Online Learning Industry: BigBlueButton

BigBlueButton has become a favorite among students and teachers for its seamless user experience and interactive features.

They frequently share their love and positive feedback.

However, when it comes to businesses and decision-makers, those who invest in and runs the BigBlueButton infrastructure, their admiration often remains behind the scenes.

Businesses and decision-makers appreciate the platform's reliability and efficiency but prefer not to disclose their use of BigBlueButton publicly.

This discretion could be due to competitive advantages, branding strategies, or other business reasons.

So we only see non-profit organizations, government institutions are talking about BigBlueButton.

Appreciated Privately

Although public testimonials might be scarce, the internal feedback we receive from our clients speaks volumes.

Many businesses express their satisfaction and happiness with providers like us through private channels, highlighting its role in their successful online sessions and virtual classrooms.

Try BigBlueButton for your Classes or sessions !

In conclusion,

BigBlueButton is widely adopted and highly effective across various organizations, even if it's not always publicly acknowledged. This hidden gem continues to make a significant impact in the world of online learning, quietly powering countless virtual classrooms and online sessions. Discover more about how BigBlueButton can enhance your virtual learning environment.

BigBlueButton: Benefits from an Admin Perspective

BigBlueButton Benefits for Admin

Here we discuss about the key benefits of BigBlueButton
from an admin's perspective, including scalability, seamless LMS integration,
advanced analytics, white-label branding, custom configurations and more.

It is an open-source program, so you can customize as much as you wish.

Deep integration with popular LMS like Moodle, Canvas, and Sakai with plug-ins.

Ensure the highest level of data privacy with full control over your data and secure communications.

Comprehensive session analytics, helps you to track participation and engagement.

Enjoy the benefits of an open-source platform with ZERO licensing fees, allowing for unlimited users.

Total Recordings you may have only limited by your Hosting plan or your BigBlueButton infrastrcuture.

Major Costs for Production-Grade BigBlueButton Infrastructure

BigBlueButton, being open-source, can technically be used for free if you have the technical knowledge to deploy & maintain yourself on your infrastructure. However, for practical use, you need to deal with lot of complexities & costs of managing a production-grade infrastructure.

High-Performance Servers

To ensure smooth operation and high-quality user experience, high-performance compute optimised servers are recommended.

Maintenance and Support

Regular maintenance with updates, troubleshooting, and optimizing server performance are critical to ensure the infra runs smoothly.

Data Transfer & Bandwidth

Depends on the number of users, usage, and the quality of the video streams. High-speed, low-latency connections are essential.

Monitoring and Analytics

Utilizing tools to monitor server performance, helps in maintaining optimal performance and making data-driven decisions.

Custom Integration

We can apply all possible configurations those are technically possible and suitable for your use case.

Upgradation & Migration

It is recommended to upgrade or migrate to the latest BigBlueButton version whenever new releases are published.

What we provide at BigBlueButton.Host?

We offer fully managed BigBlueButton hosting plans
with the same level of flexibility of an self-hosted infrastructure
with our full maintenance and technical support.

Dedicated Infrastructure

Exceptional Support

No Additional Cost

By choosing us, you can offload the complexities and costs of managing a production-grade infrastructure. Our managed services cover everything from server provisioning and maintenance to security and compliance, ensuring a seamless experience for your virtual classrooms.

Try BigBlueButton For Your Business or Organization

You need your own BigBlueButton Infrastructure to obtain the API Endpoint that allows you to integrate BigBlueButton with your LMS or CMS or even if you want to access the Admin Dashboard of Greenlight Dashboard and explore the possibilites for Admin, available configurations etc.

We made it possible at the fraction of cost !

Demo for FREE

You may Sign up for free and use BigBlueButton Demo as a Moderator using Greenlight Dashboard.

Note: You can use only as Moderator or Student you can't explore as an Admin.

TEST API Shared Access
@ 1 USD / Week

Test BigBlueButton integration with your LMS or CMS

Note: This is only suitable for Testing and Development Purpose.

Try BigBlueButton
@ 3.5 USD / Day

Explore BigBlueButton as an Admin

Frequently Asked Questions

All users those will connect at the same time accross all the sessions, will be counted as total concurrent user. More details here.

Greenlight Dashboard allows you to use BigBlueButton as a standalone service. It is an simple frontend web interface to manage users and meeting rooms. Know more about Greenlight Dashboard here.

Recordings are stored into the BigBlueButton infrastructure itself. We need to store all the recordings you want to be accessed from your LMS or CMS or your BigBlueButton integrated platform.

But for external Backups & longer retention it’s possible to use almost any other cloud storage solution.

A single BigBlueButton session is recomended for maximum 200 users with latest version & sufficent infrastructure.

Total concurrent users can be scaled up horizontally by adding more BigBlueButton servers to a Cluster with Load Balancer like scalelite.

Many organizations & universities use BigBlueButton with more than 50K concurrent users.

Almost no limitations from Laptop or PC, but BigBlueButton isn’t very suitable for regular Mobile users,

It has certain limitaions on mobile devices as Mobile Browser don’t have enough capabilities or strong grip on the Device resources & permissions. For example you can’t run a class in background from mobile, you get disconnected when you receive a phone call on the device.

So Zoom or Google Meet or any Mobile Application based solutions offers better user experience for native Mobile users.

Technically BigBlueButton works from all devices, but there are some limitations for mobile devices.

We don’t recommend BigBlueButton if you want to conduct sessions with more than 200 user on a daily basis.

BigBlueButton is a purpose built open-source solution to deliver the quality virtual classroom environment with better engagement & learning experience.

For sessions with very high number of participants with limited budget , BigBlueButton should be the last choice. Zoom would be better choice.